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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance is limited benefit coverage that’s designed to supplement, but not designed to replace, your regular major medical insurance policy.

Supplemental insurance includes a variety of different types of coverage, including accident insurance, dental/vision insurance, cancer insurance, fixed indemnity insurance, and critical illness insurance.

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Coverage will vary considerably depending on the type of supplemental insurance and the specific benefits that you purchase. In general, these policies will have specific lists of the medical conditions, circumstances, or treatments they’ll cover. The policy will also spell out pre-determined maximum benefits. Your benefits might be paid in one lump sum, or as a series of smaller amounts depending on the medical services that you receive.

You can purchase supplemental insurance policies that will pay benefits for a wide range of serious medical conditions and accidental injuries. You can also purchase supplemental policies that will cover routine care such as dental or vision services. For these routine care policies, if the dentist or optometrist is in-network with your plan, the benefits will most likely be paid directly to them – not to the policyholder. If they’re out-of-network and the plan provides out-of-network benefits, it’s more common for the patient to pay the provider in full and then submit a claim to the dental/vision plan for some level of reimbursement.

For other types of supplemental insurance, the policy is typically structured so that cash benefits are paid to the policyholder for their own use.


Accident Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Frequently-asked Questions

These are a few of the questions we get the most often about us and our business.

If your question isn’t among them, please use our Contact form and we’ll get an answer to you as soon as we can.

What’s the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent?

Insurance agents typically work for the insurance company, or as a representative of them. Brokers are independent contractors who represent buyers by analyzing their needs and then providing the best policies available to fulfill those needs. Agents are typically reimbursed through a commission structure with the insurance company that they sell policies for. Brokers are also paid on commission from insurance companies, but they may also charge additional fees to customers which must be approved by each customer before the broker can collect. 

Agents can write policies and secure coverage for people. Brokers simply submit applications and take care of the paperwork and approval process for clients, with the policy underwriting and coverage approval being the responsibility of the insurance company that is providing the coverage.

What types of insurance do you sell?

At 309 Insurance Solutions we specialize in benefits, like group health and group supplemental, and Key Person insurance. We also offer individual products like Medicare, cancer, life insurance and more.

How do I know how much insurance I need?

Insurance needs varies by the person or business. There’s no one size fits all so we have a real conversation about real coverage. Call (309) 388-2224 to schedule a free consultation today.

Do you charge a fee for your services?

We do not charge our clients fees in most cases. We get paid from our carriers directly.